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3 Types Of Evidence Your Pieces Mailed

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Have you ever left for work and suddenly remembered you forgot to lock the door? I know I have, and it’s a nasty feeling. I can’t focus on anything, knowing an intruder might be tearing my place apart and soon dash with my hard-earned property. It feels like things have slipped from my control.

You might feel something similar when you send mail through your mail house. You worry about a flurry of questions: Did the pieces make it to the post office? How do I know they mailed all the pieces? Did they mix my mail with another person’s? Did they mail on the right date? If only you had verification – that’s it. Then you’d have peace of mind and could finish the day knowing all’s okay.

Just breathe. Relax. We got you covered. When you send a mailing out, there are a few ways to prove your mailing made it to the post office and mailed as promised. Here are three ways to know that your pieces mailed.

Postal Verification Form

For whatever postage class you’re mailing, you’ll receive from us a Postal Verification Form, an official document from the USPS that details a number of things about your mailing. It provides information about the number of pieces mailed, the mailer ID, postage class of mailing, postage cost, and much more. We receive this from the Post Office and are happy to send it to you at no extra cost.

Below is an example of a postal verification form.

pieces mailed

Seeding Your List

We also ask that before you send us your mailing list you put “seeds” in it. A seed is a name in your mailing list known only to you. These aren’t necessarily people you want to market to, but just people who’ll receive your mailing. You can make up a name or use a real name and have all the addresses go to a location where you can check on the mailing. Again, you don’t need to tell us anything about these seeds; these are just for you to know that your pieces mailed. It also assures you that your pieces are produced with high quality and accuracy since you will received a “live” mailed piece.

Your Mailed List

After we run your list through our data processing software we can email you that mailed list if you would like. This is the same list we run your envelopes, your cards, your newsletters – whatever – with. And it matches the exact mailed count listed on the Postal Verification Form.

If you have any more questions or would like to know more about direct mail, check out our other blog posts here or give us a call. We’d love to chat.

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What Is Lumpy Mail?

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Whoopee cushions, worry dolls, boomerangs, compasses, pens, coins, message in a bottle, trash cans, bank bags, pill bottles, puzzle pieces, and aspirin tablets… all have one thing in common: we’ve mailed them!

What Is Lumpy Mail?

Customers often ask me this question. I tell them that if they’re looking for a creative, outside-the-box idea, lumpy mail is the way to go. It’s anything you might see in your mailbox that’s bulky. You’ll find these items in a normal envelope, a glamour envelope, bubble envelope, or even in a small cardboard box.

It allows your piece to be noticed first when your recipient opens their mailbox. With a lumpy item, your piece becomes irresistible! Everyone wants to know what’s in the odd-shaped envelope or package. Regardless if it’s suspected that it might be marketing mail, it will still get opened out of sheer curiosity. I mean, c’mon, who can resist that kind of temptation?!

lumpy mail

What Do I Need To Know Before Starting?

Before sending out a project like this, there are a few cautions to be aware of.

First, the post office is going to require you to pay more for this service. It has to be handled by a person rather than a machine, so they charge more for the personal handling. And because the envelope is bulky the post office will classify it as a parcel.

Second, there are risks involved with lumpy mail. It does cost more per piece than your normal mailing, so there is a risk versus reward factor. If you mail this out and receive a poor response, the additional investment becomes a costly mistake.

Lastly, let me share a few tips to having a successful lumpy mail piece. The ultimate goal of lumpy mail is to dramatically improve your open rate. However, it’s crucial that whatever object you include in the envelope ties into your sales letter. Also, be sure to include a compelling offer in your sales piece to close the deal. And of course, dial in the mailing list you use to a specific specific market of buyers.

How To Be Successful With Lumpy Mail

Because of our years of experience with working with the post office, you’ll find it very beneficial to work with us on your project. Before mailing something unique, we take the piece to the post office and confirm it can be mailed. This eliminates the costly mistake of finding out the post office won’t mail your piece, after it’s been produced. There’s nothing more devastating then spending a hefty chunk of change, only to discover it was meaningless.

If reading this blog post gets your creative juices flowing, talk to us about what ideas you have for your next project. We’d love to help make it a reality!

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