Creative Services

Stand out from the competition with our unique mailers

giftcard-mailer400Whether you already have a piece in mind or would like some suggestions, Handy Mailing Services can assist with mailer design from start to finish. It’s our business to help market businesses, and with decades of experience producing mail pieces that get results, you can count on targeted solutions designed with your business in mind.

Handy Mailing Services remains abreast of the latest trends in effective mailer design. The need to differentiate and strengthen your brand is what it’s all about. Well, that and communicating a value proposition that makes the phone ring or your website traffic soar.

Handy Mailing Services also specializes in PURLS (personal URLs) designed to effectively engage individuals receiving your mailer. It can deliver a special offer, etcetera, and the visits to these unique pages can be sent to you to track efficacy.

We offer a wide variety of printing solutions for labeling your bulk mail or presort first class mail (or anything in between). Laser printing addresses on labels for mailers is one solution when there is a preprinted item requiring more contrast for presort requirements, items that cannot be printed onto, and other mail designed to receive indicia of one kind or another.

Some advantages to laser printing onto labels or mailers (mail items) include the following: Permanence, High Contrast, & Legibility.

Custom Inserts

Inserting by Hand:

  • Multiple matches of inserts to envelope
  • Lumpy mail
  • Tight fitting envelopes
  • Non-Machinable envelopes or inserts
  • Zip-Lock envelopes
  • Glamour envelopes
  • Boxes, Tubes, Miniature Trash Cans & more
Inserting by Machine:

  • Up to 10” x 13” envelopes
  • Multiple matches of inserts to envelope
  • Eagle/chipboard envelopes
  • Clear poly envelopes (#10, 6×9 & 9×12)
  • Clear View Window envelopes
  • CD’s & DVD’s & Books & Magazines
  • Fraction of the cost of hand inserting

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising gets your message to the kitchen cabinet top and the desk top of the individual at the time you want it to arrive. If you are having trouble with mail delivery timing give Handy Mailing Service a class today.  There are ways to hit the home/office at the best time for your message.

Some of the methods of mailing your message:

  • Newsletters
  • Personal letters targeted to the person most likely to purchase your product or service.
  • Coupons
  • Lumpy mail
  • Scratch Off cards or mailers. Make every recipient a winner.
  • Targeted lists
  • Eye grabbing mailers and envelopes.
  • CD & DVD mailers
  • Step Mailings
  • Letters on legal pad paper.
  • Pop-out coupons/offers.
  • Hand written letters.
  • Hand addressed envelopes.
  • Tiny, small, medium, large & jumbo size pieces or envelopes.

Topics for Direct Mail Advertising:

  • New business grand opening.
  • Anniversary mailings
  • We’ve moved mailings
  • New location
  • Prospecting for new customers.
  • Going out of business.
  • New ownership
  • Sale
  • Over-stocked
  • Introduce new employees
  • We miss you mailings to past customers.
We will work with you to establish the goal for your mailing and help you in creating a design that works. We’ll research and locate a mailing list and help improve your direct mailing performance overtime with tracking.