10 Easy Steps to Effective List Management

1. Download our sample template here – and follow the required field headings:

2. For States, always use abbreviations.

3. Always use proper abbreviation. (“CO” is not County and “CR” is not Circle).

4. There is a difference between State Hwy, US Hwy, County Rd and County Rt.

5. Never use punctuation, such as periods, exclamation marks and quote marks.

6. Only proper address fields may be used for addressing.

7. If using Full Name field instead of separate fields, always put First Name First, Last Name Last.

8. Keep City, State, and Zip in 3 separate fields.

9. Verify any questionable addresses at: www.USPS.com

10. If your addresses are in a file such as Word or Notepad, export into a delimited file. Examples: ASCII comma or tab delimited.

EXPERT TIP: When gathering information on your website via opt-in form, use drop down boxes for States and Countries in order to get proper abbreviations and names.