What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

usps-logoEDDM is an inexpensive service provided by the United States Post Office which allows you to saturate a neighborhood or city at the lowest postage rate and without purchasing a mailing list or Bulk Mail Permit. Mail piece must be larger than 6” high or greater than 10.5” long. Minimum thickness must be greater than .007”. May be thicker than ¼’. A common size is a 6.25” x 9” or 6” x 11” card or folded self mailer or an envelope with the same size specs. Handy Mailing Service will take care of helping you with design, printing, mail processing, plus all postal regulations and paper work to the Post Office.

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What you do not need if Handy Mailing Service does your EDDM mailing!

  • Bulk Mailing Permit – (Saves initial cost of $225 + $225/Yr. First year savings $450)
  • No bundling of mail
  • No facing slips
  • No postal paper work
  • No concern with meeting postal specs.

WHAT DO I SAVE BY USING Handy Mailing Service for EDDM?

  • Postage as low as $.17 each.
  • (USPS retail rate if you do yourself, without a mailing permit, $.183 each.)
  • No mailing list.
  • No addressing of mail piece.
  • We print, bundle per postal regulations & deliver to the USPS.
Can you provide any samples?

Yes. E-mail julies@handymailing.com to request samples or call 800-624-3622 for a sample packet.

What size mail piece can I mail?

Mail piece larger than 6” high or greater than 10.5” long. Thickness must be greater than .007”. A common size is a 6.25” x 9” or 6” x 11” card or folded self mailer or an envelope with the same size specs.

How do I get started with a mailing?

E-mail julies@handymailing.com – or call 800-624-3622 and tell us you’re ready to get started with EDDM.


How it Works!

Who is a good prospect to do EDDM?

Any neighborhood business frequented by a high percentage of the surrounding residential area. For instance a restaurant, dry cleaners, movie theater, service station, grocery store, florist, dentist, doctor, recreation or sports park, school, dry cleaners, florist, auto repair, quick shop, church, insurance agent, realtor, gift shop, fabric store, day care service, barber, hair salon, auto parts store, pet store, bank, hardware store and more.

Who designs the mail piece?

You can or we can for a small fee. We also have copywriters available that can maximize your returns.

Can we select who we mail by income?

Yes, based on the average income of a postal carrier route. You cannot select by individual income.

What services does Handy Mailing Service provide?

• Design your mail piece from your specs.

• Map the area you want to mail and choose the postal carrier routes. Customer will receive a map showing exactly where the mail is going.

• Print your mail piece.

• Prepare per postal regulations and deliver to the appropriate post office. For a lower postage rate mail may be delivered to the post office providing final delivery.

Can we map the area to mail?

Yes, go to https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.Htm and map the area and determine the routes to mail. After mapped provide Handy Mailing Service the routes you selected. We will take it from there.

Can we mail only a part of the route?

Yes and no. You can omit apartments and businesses from a route but not a single street. In other words you can mail only single family dwellings. If selling a product or service that only applies to single family dwellings then apartments and businesses can be omitted. You can include businesses along with a mailing of single family dwellings and apartments.

What is the lead time?

From start to finish can be as short as a couple weeks. In some cases a shorter time is required. Usually waiting on art and other mailing approvals from the customer is more of a factor than you waiting on Handy Mailing Service.

Where can I mail?

Anywhere in the U.S.

Is postal paper work required?

Yes, but Handy Mailing Service does that for you.

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