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How many pieces do I have to mail to receive discounted postage?

The requirement for First Class Presort is 500, and for Presort Standard mail, it’s 200 pieces.


Is it better to mail First Class or Presort Standard?

That depends on what you are mailing, how soon you want it to arrive and the services you want the Post Office to provide. If you are looking to save some money, then Presort Standard is your best option. However, if you need it to arrive quickly, then First Class would be more beneficial.


What is your “Turnaround Time”?

That depends on the size and the complexity of the mailing. Most jobs are typically delivered to the Post Office 3-5 days after we have received everything from you. However, if your deadline is tight, we will always find a way to meet it.


What is the difference between Bulk Mail and Presorted Standard Mail?

They are actually the same. The Post Office has simply changed the Bulk Mail classification to Standard or Presort Standard Mail.


How long does mail take to deliver?

That depends on how far it is traveling. First Class mail will typically take between 1 to 4 days, and it’s 1 to 7 days for Presort Standard.


Can my mail be tracked?

Yes – there are now limited tracking methods available.


Do mail shops like Handy Mailing Service receive a discount on their postage because of the large volume mailed?

Actually, we’re eligible for the same discounts as an individual. Mailers receive a discount for sorting the mail as well as providing the Post Office with the proper barcode that’s printed on the mail piece.


Is all mail forwarded?

Yes, but only if First Class and Presort Standard has forwarding instructions printed on the mail piece. Standard forwarding has an additional charge.


What are the small round clear stickers applied to the edges of mail pieces?

These are tabs that keep the mail intact as it is being processed by the postal mail handling equipment. They are required for barcoded mail.


Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes – we provide business and consumer mailing lists targeted to your market.


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Do I own the list?

Typically, mail lists are rented one time or for 1-year use; you do not actually own them.


Postage was once only five cents and now it is $0.50. Why does it go up so much?

Surprisingly, while postage has gone up through the years, like most everything else, this is not due to inflation. Postage in the U.S. is among the lowest in the world thanks to the high degree of automation in the Post Office.


Is some mail thrown away by the Post Office?

Under most circumstances, no, but they will if the address is not deliverable. Even then, if the mail is First class, the Post Office will try to figure out where the deliverable address is.


Do non-profit organizations receive better postage rates?

Yes, but they must first apply for non-profit Standard rates. If approved, they will receive a postage rate below the for-profit Standard postage rate.


Can I mail Presort Standard mail to other countries?

No. Mail going to other countries must be delivered at 1st Class rates.


Does metered, stamped & printed indicia mail the same postage rate?

Yes. How you apply the postage does not change the postage rate. Professional mail houses typically charge extra to meter on the postage or affix a stamp.


If I prepare and address my mail, can you mail it at the discounted postage rate?

Yes, but there will still be a handling fee.


Do you affix the address with a label?

We can, but for most mail, we address directly onto the mail piece with high-speed commercial ink-jets.


What size envelopes can you automatic insert?

Everything up to 10” x 13”.


Can you provide and mail pieces with personalized PURLS?

Yes. We sure can and we do all the time.


Do you do SCRATCH-OFF cards/mailers?

Yes. We love mailing scratch-offs and our clients love them.

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