Mailing Services

Ensuring your mailings arrive in mailboxes all around the world.

Handy Mailing Service provides a wide array of mailing services to ensure the success of your next direct mail campaign. And with over 40 years of direct mail experience, you can be confident you’re in good hands. From small print jobs to massive mailers to the most creative works in the industry, we have you covered.
Here are some of the mailing services we offer to you:

Standardize the addresses so that Postal software can read your file. This includes correcting minor spelling errors, providing proper prefix abbreviations and adding directionals that are missing.

Cass Certified ™
CASS Certify your list. This means we certify that the address is within an address range that exists and that the address is one the Post Office recognizes. CASS Certifying does not fix incorrect addresses or verify that the name and address match.

Address Resolution
A service we provide that runs your list against national databases to determine what is missing from your address. For instance: Your Address = Sam Brown at 512 redbarn Lane, Wichita, KS 67212. Our national database finds a Sam Brown at 512 Redbarn Lane, Apt 612, Wichita, KS 67212. We will add the apartment number to your file fixing the address.

NCOA (National Change of Address) is now required for all mailings that are presorted or automated. We run your address against the address changes that have been filed with the Post Office and move your address to the corrected new location. This saves you money on pieces mailed to wrong addresses and discarded by the Post Office. If a customer moves out of your service area we can remove him from your list again saving you the print and mailing cost.

Things you can do to maximize the health of your list:

  • Input your customer addresses into correct and uniform fields.
  • Get correct information by using drop down boxes for states and countries.
  • Make sure to get apartment numbers.
  • Rent lists from sources that are running their lists against NCOA every 90 days.
  • Contact Handy Mailing to setup a new direct mailing.

If your list has a large number of addresses missing apartment numbers, suite numbers, directionals or other address part we can run your list against our national file. This will usually fix about 45% of the bad addresses. Some lists we only fix 5% and others we can fix 95%. The percentage is dependent on the severity of the errors.

Getting a List

Whether you need a local mailing list or a national mailing list, Handy Mailing Services can provide the solution right for you. Our list development enables us to provide demographic criteria, delivering more effective, targeted lists.

There are several major compilers of lists in the U.S. We can provide most of them.



  • Address to “Resident” or “Neighbor” Saturates a U.S. Postal Carrier area.
  • Names where available up to 90% in some areas.
  • Lowest possible postage advantage.
  • Select by geography, income, home value, % of homes with children, Average age of head of household.
  • Can do quantity or distance radius around address.


  • Select by geography, age, gender, presence of children, age of children, martial status, ethnic background, hobbies, Amount of mortgage, use of credit cards, magazines they subscribe to, health needs & much more.
  • Can do quantity or distance radius around address.
  • One time or one year use.


  • Business mailing lists can be provided based on company type, size, geographic location, and more.
  • Can do quantity or distance radius around address.
  • Number of employees.
  • Sales volume.
  • SIC select.
  • Number of years in the yellow pages. (length in business)
  • Can omit franchises.
  • Can mail to only headquarters.
  • Provide contact person, CEO etc.
  • Phone numbers
  • One time or one year use of list.


There are several ways of affixing postage to your mail piece:

Postage Stamp:

  • Most personal
  • Available for full rate & discounted postage for both First & Standard Class mail.
  • Gives impression mailing was not mass mailed. Your letter is one of a kind.
  • Most stamps can be auto/machine affixed.
  • All commerative stamps can be hand affixed for a very personal touch to your mailing.
  • Additional cost for labor but postage amount the same as metered or indicia affixed postage.

Metered Postage:

  • Most offices affix their postage this way.
  • Gives mailing appearance of smaller mailing from an office.
  • For all classes of mail.


  • The indicia is a box in the stamp position stating the U.S. Postage has been paid. Postage is actually paid when mail is delivered to the Bulk Mail section of the Post Office.
  • Least personal method.
  • Used mostly for Standard Mail like coupon mailings of cards or self-mailers where it is obvious what offer is by headlines. Often used for newsletters.
  • Postage amount the same as a stamp or metered mail.
  • No additional cost as indicia is printed at the same time as the piece is printed.

Mail Classes:

First Class:

  • All personal letters & correspondence.
  • Delivers anywhere in the U.S. usually in less than a week.
  • Gives mail personal one of a kind appearance if live stamp used.
  • Post Office forwards at no additional cost if person has moved.
  • Post Office goes to considerable length to deliver.
  • Limited tracking now available on some mail.
  • Postage can be affixed by stamp, meter or indicia.

Standard (bulk rate): (for profit & non-profit)

  • Less personal than First Class.
  • Delivers to most points in the U.S. in less than two weeks. Locally delivers in three days or less, usually.
  • Does not automatically forward unless you pay for forwarding.
  • Forwarding available at an additional cost.
  • Limited tracking now available on some mail.
  • If forwarding not requested Standard mail recycled if undeliverable as addressed.
  • Postage can be affixed by stamp, meter or indicia.
  • Can be used for generic letters even if they have an inside address & salutation.

Periodicals: (for profit & non-profit):

  • Sometimes referred to as Second Class.
  • Delivery time & other characteristics similar to Standard mail.
  • Used for newsletters, etc, mailed at scheduled intervals.
  • Cannot be used for personal correspondence.
  • Postage can be less than Standard mail.
  • Ask about other classes of mail you want to mail.

As you can tell, there are countless mailing services that we offer to you. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to get started on your next direct mail campaign!