Personalized Mailings

Creating extra-personalized mail pieces with flexible (and fun!) printing options

We can print personalized variable or static data at the same time we address.

Some of the possibilities are:

  • Addressing in special fonts like hand fonts that look real.
  • Addressing with color ink other than black.
  • Inkjet printing as we address variable or static copy up to 4” high in any font you desire.
  • Inkjet color ad lines as we address.
  • Can print on many surfaces including padded envelopes.
  • Speeds over 30,000 pieces per hour.
  • Print address with personalized headline in another area of the mail piece.
  • Affix live stamps while addressing.
  • Affix special labels.

Whether you are sending a postcard, box or bottle to a large quantity of addresses, Handy Mailing Services has a solution designed to meet your needs from start to finish.

Use Variable Data In Your Personalized Printing

With Variable Data you can use personalized printing in your mail piece to the recipient of your mail. Handy Mailing Service can personalize with both high speed laser printers and high speed ink-jet printers. Variable Data/Personalization can be done after the piece is printed or can actually print the piece at the same time it is addressed saving steps in the processing of your mail.

Ways that Variable Data is used:

  • Print PURLS cards. Personalized web sites for each recipient to respond to. Lets you know they have been there.
  • Inside address & salutation of your letters.
  • Spot headlines in letters and cards.
  • Can be done in black as well as color ink.
  • One or all pages of a letter can be printed, personalized, gathered & stapled in one pass.
  • Multiple locations can be printed on a generic piece while it is addressed to give you postage discounts for volume.
  • Can print variable graphics like maps, pictures or text all in one pass & one mailing.
  • Our Data Processing team can assist with all your variable data needs. From Personal URLs to custom imprinted invitations, communications or custom mailers, trust Handy Mailing to provide ideas and results.